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Hi George
Looking for a lease on any of the following w a payment at 650 tax included no money down 36 or 39 months 12/15k a year if possible - willing to go for 2018 models since end of year white exterior/ anything but black interior
Porsche Macan S package not an S model
Maserati Levante Gran Lusso
Range Rover velar
07481 or 11793 zips
2 payments left of 569 on current Infiniti q50s lease


Thank you very much, I appreciate your business and look forward to working with you again!


Just a quick heads up, I will be updating pricing for October as soon as possible. Those of you who have pending requests with me, I will answer them as soon as I have the new numbers.

Thank you all, and I appreciate the patience.


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Hi George,

I am interested in C300 and 320i. Please email me at

Thank you .



Hi George, I am interested in either a Honda Clarity Touring or a Volt Premier. 12k/ yr 36mo. Please pm me. Thank you in advance.


Getting the last of the pricing done today hopefully. Will have new specials up tomorrow!


What’s looking really good?

You just leaving us with a cliff hanger


Audi and Lexus are about the same, from what I hear BMW money factor has gone up, Infiniti releases final numbers tomorrow, and I’m still negotiating with Mercedes.

Those are the ones I’m focusing on updating the fastest, I will trickle in the rest of the brands as I get them.


Hi George,
I’m looking for something below $200/mo that will grant me a Red sticker in California. So far, the Volt comes pretty close to it. Anything else comes to mind? What can you do for a Chevy Volt?


Hi George, I’m looking/comparing 2019 Volt Premier and 2019 Ford fusion energi lease on 36 mo with 12k mi/yr. I’m comparing the total cost of lease (including all fees and taxes). I live in Los Angeles. Please let me know the best price you can find. Thanks


Hi – looking to lease either a BMW 430i M package, or MB C300 coupe with AMG package. Black exterior. 36mos/12K, northern CA. Thanks.


Hi George,
I’m looking to lease a 4 door semi luxury or sports sedan within a week . I’m waiting for your specials and would like to pick one soon . Thanks !


Do you have an actual pricing sheet or pdf? Or do we contact you for a particular car we want?


Here is what I have so far for October. I will continue to update as I get them and will start answering back PM’s right away.

All leases are 36 months, unless stated otherwise.
$0 down payment, plus taxes and fee’s(first payment, registration, acquisition)

Alfa Romeo: 10,000 miles per year, loyalty rebates available.**
2018 Giulia: $399
2018 Stelvio: $459

Audi: 7,500 miles per year, loyalty rebates available.
2018 A3 Premium: $299
2018 A4 Ultra: $315
2018 A4 Quattro: $355
2018 A5 Coupe: $419
2018 A5 Sport Back: $509
2018 Q3 Premium: $339
2018 Q5 Premium: $439

BMW: 10,000 miles per year, loyalty rebates available.
2018 320i: $279
2018 330i: $329
2018 330e: $329
2019 430i Cpe: $489
2019 430i GC: $469
2018 X1: $349
2019 X3: $489
2018 i3: $319

Infiniti: 10,000 miles per year, 39 month lease.
2018 Q50 3.0t Luxe: $299
2018 Q60 3.0t Luxe: $379
2019 QX50 Pure: $329(loyalty available)
2019 QX60 Pure: $359

Lexus: 7,500 miles per year.
2018 ES350: $279(loyalty available)
2018 IS300t: $269
2019 NX300: $319
2018 RX350: $379
2018 RXL350: $389

Mercedes: 7,500 miles per year, loyalty rebates available.
2019 CLA250: $289
2018 C300 Sedan: $339
2019 E300 Sedan: $569
2018 E400 Coupe: $629
2019 GLA: $329
2019 GLC: $459
2018 GLE: $519

First time leaser, need advice on a MB c300 loaner in California
Alternative to Audi A4

Hi George,

Do you have any deals on ghibli or quattroporte in socal? Thanks


Hey @GeorgeCSL, I’m interested in the Bmw 330i. Please email me at I live here in North Hollywood, CA. Hope I’m not to far from you.


Are these deals only available for CA or other states as well? I’m in Oregon.


Hi George,

Really interested in the Q3 and X1. You can reach me at

Looking forward to hearing from you!


Any deals on an E400 Wagon?