GeorgeCSL Lease Deals. Updated Monthly!


@GeorgeCSL I am looking for a new lease please PM me if you have some of these still available.


Hi GeorgeCSL, I am looking for Small SUV. I need to talk to you on GLA250 / QX30. Please let me know if they are still available


Hello George I am looking for a X5 2018 model for leasing. Please let me know if you have any in a 3 row configuration. Tx


@GeorgeCSL Looking for 2018 MB C300 and 2018 MB GLC 300
Please provide your contact info or PM me.


Hey George,

Ready to lease a 2018 MB 300 GLC. Please PM contact info.



Hi @GeorgeCSL,

I’m looking to lease an Audi Q5 in the Premium Plus trim (ideally with as few options as possible).

Please provide your contact info or PM me.



I just worked with @GeorgeCSL to get an A3 quattro. He was extremely patient, transparent, and helpful throughout the whole process, answering quickly all my questions, giving me several options, always beating any other quotes I got. He took care of all documentation and trucking of the car to NorCal. I definitely recommend George to anyone looking to lease a car.


Hi George,

I am interested in leasing GLE350 4matic base, non white for 12k/yr. I am in Nor. Cal. I also sent a message.


Hi George, I’m interested in a Lexus RX350 FWD or RX450H with blind spot monitor & rear cross traffic alert. 15k miles per year. Can you please PM me? thanks!


Hi @GeorgeCSL,

Would you be able to work with someone out of Utah? I’m looking to lease an Audi Q5 Premium Plus as soon as possible. If you can, could you please send me a pm to discuss?

Thank you!



Thank you much for the kind words, it was a pleasure working with you as well!


Hi George,

Would you be able to do this deal for Nevada driver license? (I noticed that you wrote in your first post that you service Nevada, but do can I pickup the car and drive to Vegas, instead of paying a delivery fee?)

Also, I’m noticing there is no mentioning of credit scores, curious what scores qualify for your rates? I’m 800+, but what about people who are 700?


In the world of car leasing there’s no difference between 800 and 700 99% of the time. Both get you Tier 1.



I sent you a message answering your questions.

What @mah4546 said is correct, 700+ credit score will get top tier money factor in most cases.


Howdy, looking for a socal carpool sticker vehicle cheap as possible with leather and decent sound… Top tier credit, ~$250 a month, can put something down, shoot me a dm


Hi @GeorgeCSL

Would you mind sending me a PM? Interested in a A3 quattro in Oregon. Thanks much! Have a good one.


Hello, George - I am interested in the 2018 GLC lease. Please PM me for additional information. Thanks


@GeorgeCSL HI GEORGE! Great service you seem to be running here. I am looking for a new lease this week or can hold until Aug if the deals get better.
Was looking at the Q50 or the Mazda3 GT or Touring
Was also interested in the QX30 or the A3 hatch
My goal is something for back and forth on the highway 10 miles each way daily and hitting the beach with my son on the weekends - which is why the 5 door Mazda, A3 and QX are interesting. The Q is interesting just because it is fun and you seem to get great deals on them.
I am not opposed to putting cash down and would like to keep the monthly around $250 or less if possible. shoot me an email if you get a chance; josh at I am in San Diego


Also, i am pretty open to other car options and please let me know the email address you will send from or put LEASE CAR in the subject so I can make sure you don’t get stuck in spam. @GeorgeCSL


Hi George, I’m new here - cannot PM. My current lease ends in about a month, Orange county.
I’m looking for 36/12 lease:
Audi A3 e-tron
BMW 328d wagon
BMW 530e
Can you please PM me. Thanks!