Genesis dealer says incentives don’t apply to loaners/demos. Anyone know if that’s accurate?

Hi all,

Been working a deal on a 2024 Genesis Electrified GV70 and came across a dealer with a low mileage 2024 loaner that’s never been titled, so it’s still leasable. Dealer is willing to discount the car just about 12% (new models seem to top out at 6% off MSRP), but they’re claiming the $17k lease cash doesn’t apply since it’s a demo, so I walked.

Before I go back to only looking for a new car (non-demo), does anyone know if they are correct? Do incentives not apply to demo/loaner cars with Genesis?

they do not get incentives, this is correct


Dang, thanks!

Let me know what you end up getting? I really want this car too and looking for deal . Good luck!

If you are in the tri-state @aronchi was running great lease specials on the GV70.

As you can see he knows his stuff.

Will do - I’m still aiming for an electrified GV70 as my top choice, but still trying to find a dealer willing to deal.

i reached out via phone and text , no response…