Genesis 2016 lease deal

I need advise please. I have 2013 Hyundai Genesis with 8 months left on lease. Dealer is willing to take car back early and put me in 2016 Hyundai Genesis with 4000 miles awd with all three packages for $53,100 list price. The deal is 36 months 12,000 miles per year. $539 first month at signing with $35 payments of $539. How does this sound to you? Thank you to all.

Seems to me like he’s using a veneer of opportunism (getting you out of a Genesis lease early) to sell you a loaner at nowhere near the same discount someone else could most likely negotiate.

I would hold off at that price, but I’m not gonna lie, I don’t really know what the logistics of having them terminate a lease 8 months out entails.

Theyre not terminating it, they are rolling his remaining payments into the new lease.It would be different if Hyundai was offering a pull ahead.

How much are you paying on your current lease?

I am paying $395 tax included