Gave up and ordered a Model 3 performance

Except I bought a telsa 3 performance. 2-3 more weeks to go according to their website.

It’s at fantastic price point for what it offers.

I was talking about the other guy acting like it’s a track car. I really like the Model 3. It’s a capable car that will put down great numbers anywhere, but an engaging car it is not.

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Even in his own Youtube clip, the driver admitted the car understeered heavily.

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Ordered mine after test driving it. Insane instant torque and was doing 100+ mph in less than 1 second on the 405 near John Wayne. My guess is we will get our cars at the same time. The Tesla rep told me they will get all the M3 Performance by end of September (end of their Q3). Probably to boost the stocks. The money I made off Tesla stocks is paying for this car. Lol. Only in America!!!

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Ikr. We need a lot more Tesla fanboys for the benefit of TSLA owner!

It’s funny people sucking up to every single Elon’s tweet and come up with all kind of crazy theories. Watching one Tesla clip on Youtube and you’ll be recommended with countless channels from random folks bragging how superior Tesla’s tech is. It’s not rational thinking and kind of a cult culture now.

Most folks probably can’t even help their children with middle school math, yet talking about self driving car like they are full time Computer Vision/Machine Learning researchers!

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In no world does a Model 3 Performance out drive and out handle GT350Rs and M3s on a track.

I’m not saying a Model 3 isn’t a fun car to drive, it’s just not at that performance level.

The feeing of acceleration from a stop or in a straight line doesn’t replace all other driving dynamics.

I think the Model 3 Performance is an impressive car, but some of the qualifiers in this thread are absolutely insane.


Tesla needs to 1)put apple car play into their cars 2)put a heads up display option 3)change the design of the Model S since it looks like the same car from 10 years ago 4)add an ashtray option so I smoke my Cubans while driving on autopilot.

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CarPlay and blind spot in the mirrors

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Model 3 P has drastically smaller rotors than many true performance models (395mm vs. 380mm vs 355mm compared to the GT350 and BMW M3). Plus they use tiny Pirelli tires (trash tires and 235 is smaller than entry level German cars so how can you put the power down effectively). And every Tesla I have ever driven has ridiculous amounts of understeer. They basically slapped on stuff someone puts on their 330i to spice it up, a tune, and called it performance. Other than being able to go in fast in a straight line once before the batteries overheat, there isn’t much to it. Plus it weighs 4250 pounds, which is like a school bus. This is a pure fan boy car and while it is fast in a straight line, anyone who considers it a serious performance vehicle and would rather drive through curvy roads in a Tesla over a proper sports car needs to have their head examined.


tell us how you really feel


TLDR - Buy a Taycan


where??? there aren’t any.

At its price point the 3 is good for what it is…Id rather get a 911 than get a taycan with that price.

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Lmaof you just ruined the mood of someone that sold a Vett for M3 P!

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Where is everyone flinging around their cars?

I live in 90210 P.O. Box, and while I see hundreds of Tesla’s, they are rarely driving faster than the traffic.

Porsches are even slower :flushed:

My first track day instructor told me that slow is fast.

Not sure about Cali, but there are places to open cars up. I go on a few cruises every year that leave at like 5am to avoid traffic. Then I go on a multi-day trip from Chicago to Charlotte that goes through amazing roads in KY and TN. And if you live in the North East, everyone goes 90+.

I think it is slightly over-priced, but not by a huge amount. I just don’t like how they call it performance and every fan boy thinks it is a Ferrari killer. And I don’t disagree with you that I would rather than a 911 over a Taycan, but for someone comparing EVs, the Taycan is a much better driving experience.

Im actually selling my 911S in November; have any reasonably priced taycans? Haha, I’d love to put my money where my mouth is.

Was thinking about getting the local Porsche dealer to let me take a taycan out for a spin.


I’ve long been a Tesla critic, but mostly due to Elon and had no real beef with the car themselves (other than Autopilot/FSD being horribly and inaccurately advertised). But again, that’s not a flaw with the car and more Elon fluffing up the capabilities way past what they really are.
A lot of Tesla owners are complete douchebags though =D (I consider myself a non-douchebag…I don’t drink the Elon Koolaid).

I have one base incoming with a $99k MSRP. Otherwise sold out until February. We literally have 2 new cars in stock. A Cayenne Turbo and Panamera 4. Only other cars incoming this year are Macan and Macan S.

Probably worth looking at an e-tron gt too.