Gave up and ordered a Model 3 performance

also she’s kind of hot in Ted Lasso, no?

Fully agree

They have a subscription option now $199 a month i believe

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Depends on what you mean by “extras”

The different powertrains (SR+, LR and Perf) are valued as separate models, just like a BMW 330i, 340i and M3.

The options on each one are perhaps harder to value over time but they’re not worth 0. I can’t be the only one who doesn’t want grayscale for every car. I have no worries about making back some of the money I spent on paint and wheels; and even if I don’t it’s ok, it’s something I’ve always done. If it’s the price of getting what I preferred, so be it.

I think when it comes to Tesla buyers in the used market some are a bit less discerning on the different power trains. I think the big differentiator is RWD vs AWD as I know there are people who won’t touch a vehicle without AWD.

The SR+ value retention will shine when Tesla starts putting 4680s into the Model 3. The older models will take a bigger percentage hit and the SR+ will remain the support floor as the “cheapest” Tesla.

I think the knowledge that she played Septa in GOT eliminates any semblance of hotness. Now I’m just scared.

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I was wondering if they would start that on a subscription rather than an upfront cost. $10k is a good chunk of change for the majority of the population and those who have it would struggle to justify dropping $10k for autopilot. I think most Tesla buyers can justify spending $199/mo vs $10k.

especially since on a lease term it comes out to way less then $10k that way

On a lease, FSD (residualized) is an additional $4700 over the three years vs the $7200 you’d pay with a subscription.

The monthly is a great way to capture more people who will order FSD for road trips only

Ah I see what you mean…it’s not 10k upfront, right right

I think you can pay 10k for the life that you own the car.

Yea when you own, when you lease, it’s residualized as the other guy mentioned

I have a 21 SR+ and a 21 performance… they both handle very well. Especially comparing to a bmw m3.

Dont buy FSD. Try it for $200 a month after you get it delivered. I have saved over $2k in fuel cost alone just in 2021 so far.

Dont lease a tesla. They are not good to lease.

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Fun and stuff is subjective, but you are wrong about its handling, Laguna Sega, lap records set in pretty much stock model 3 performance. I took mine through the famous “tail of the dragon” and the cornering and acceleration were extremely high, better than my Corvette by a significant margin.

You can complain about paint and panels, but the sound system, seat comfort, super cheap operation cost, cornering , acceleration, holy cow.

Tesla Model 3 Performance Tire Rack Hot Lap - YouTube

power train I feel is great, brakes are soso. Im sure its able to turn and accelerate out of a corner just fine. I was more concerned about the “feel” which is subjective.

Either way it will be by daily driver, and It seems an awesome car at the right price point. 2 more weeks according to the “estimated” delivery date

Your main post says the Model 3 is “poor” and you can’t understand how it’s considered a performance sedan. Either you haven’t driven a 3 performance in track mode or sport mode or you are full of no experience in performance sedans. Model 3 performance in stock setup will blow away corvettes and GT350’s etc on the tracks AND the drag strip. Plenty of slips with model 3P beating the newest top performance 8’generation corvettes. It has phenomenal track performance and like most stock equipped cars will benefit from lowering kits, adjustable struts, better brakes, pure track tires, etc… but your BMW wouldn’t touch the stock 3p at Pikes peak or Laguna Seca , so weird flex. I’m not a tesla fan boy, i own a CTS-v and just sold my Corvette because the market is crazy and the Tesla 3 performance just slaughtered it in everything including 110MPGe

There is a SLIGHT difference in range and performance between that price range. Look at the C8 corvette $59999 starting, plenty at $120000+ with options, and the Model 3 performance out performs the C8 in any factory trim

I’m not a tesla fan boy

Holy cowwww!!!


Power train is great. I’m not saying it can’t turn or go fast. Just the feel of the set up in stock form is not as good as those cars you mentioned.

Either way I don’t have an BMW m3. The car that then Tesla will share the garage with is a bit faster than it. Let me flex a bit now LOL



First the G70 fanboy trashing the M340i last week, now this Model 3 nonsense :rofl: