Gave up and ordered a Model 3 performance

Had a kid, thought we needed to be a 2 SUV family.

Realized we only need 1 SUV. Other lease is going back November…Disliked driving an SUV.
For a daily diver, I am back to a sedan. I still want 4 doors for child seat access. I considered M340i and entertained the BMW M3 but did not like the current pricing. If the M3 pricing was back to pre covid lease pricing, I would have gotten that and held out on electric longer.

Model 3: 35k
Black paint: 1k
"options: 21,990 for performance trim
Destination 1125
Document fee 75
Order fee 250

Registration 269
Tire fee 7
Licesnse Fee 385
Electronic Filing fee 30
Sales Tax 5,646.81

Total 65,777.81

minus 250 deposit, which is a scam with the order fee
CA Clean Fuel Reward -1,500

Order placed 9/9/21, estimated delivery in 4 weeks. Much sooner than I thought but who knows.

Ive spent some seat time in a model 3, im not sure how its classified as a “sports” sedan. The handling is poor, its capable but feed back/weight make it not that “fun” to canyon carve in it… But the power train is good for LA traffic.

Next year, back to the lease hacking to replace the X3.


Have fun :slight_smile:

Confused…is the ‘deposit’ in addition to the ‘order fee’?

Congrats! Looks like Model 3 Performance has the earliest deliveries of all Model 3s.

I’m still waiting for the $39,990 Model Y Standard Range that I ordered back in February and confirmed in June. Might never come! Apparently they stopped production of that car in Q2 2021, focusing more on higher-profit Long Range and Performance models.


Holy cow… From 35k to 65k


Speaking from experience:

-Handling is a lot better than you think. Great for spirited city driving
-smoking lambo’s and porsches never gets old
-the “cool” factor. great on the track but just as good getting the kids to school. My kid loves it and requests getting driven in it all the time


Might as well compare a 330i (or former 320i) to an M3. You won’t find a quicker car on every day street driving for less.

I bought M3 in April for $37k before CCFR. Sold it this week to givemethevin for $46.7 and then turned around and bought another for $39,990 last Saturday. I now get new one on the 18th.

Might just start flipping Tesla’s due to low inventory :joy:


I track/canyons in a faster light weight car. So my preference for weight transfer and steering feed back is different.

Im sure the cars capability are fine. But I won’t notice it much running around as a daily.

But I am excited as I haven’t got a new toy for a while LOL

I think they just cancel each other out.

So they make up a fee to chew up the deposit. The deposit doesn’t get forwarded to the car payment

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Congrats on your new career move Cody!


Good luck with the wait. I cheated out on full self driving. For 10k. I’ll drive my self LOL

This may give me the out I need if I get range anxiety lol

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The base model seems to be the way to go in terms of flipping. It seems like they just don’t depreciate. Everyone wants more than 40k for their dual motors so if you want to get your toes wet with a Tesla you’re paying close to MSRP for the SR+ vehicles that are out there on the market.

I would still want a performance, but SR+ is the value play.

I doubt it will ever come. There was a guy waiting for a 3SR+ from like March or something. It’s a model that’s still in mass production but being a pre-price increase order they’ve apparently de-prioritized it so much that he gave up when they released a bunch of “inventory” in early September.

There is no deposit.

There is an order fee and it’s on top of the price of the car.


I ordered the SR+…sure, if I had unlimited funds, I’d get the performance, but I live in LA…any Tesla is more than enough car for our traffic.

The other reason I ordered the base model (zero extras) is that, and I could very well be wrong here, I think it will hold it’s value better than any of the others. People who buy used cars don’t care nearly as much about all the extras as new car buyers. And people who buy used Tesla’s probably car even less.

My delivery, ordered in mid July, got pushed back from late September to October now, FYI.


Definitely a smart move in terms of value retention. I just did an AutoTrader search and the cheapest SR+ in the nation listed right now is a 2019 for $39,200 with 40k miles on it. Building that car today would cost: $42,490 (+$1200 doc fee). That is some crazy resale value if it does end up selling for that price.

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also she’s kind of hot in Ted Lasso, no?


Can’t lie. Flipped mine too recently. Have the single motor cyber truck on order for a future flip (if it ever gets here)

OP, congrats and post pics when you get it !