Gauging interest in possible SoCal GMC Terrain Group Buy

Update: This deal is no longer possible

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I’m very interested. Nothing is really a deal breaker as far as trim for me. I want low to mid options - likely base SLE with possible driver’s convenience being the most important possbility, second being driver alert. Would only consider SLT if it was a particularly good deal.

I actually spoke with a couple dealers at the end of March and you’re right, it was like they didn’t want to do anything to entice me to come down. I had a couple get back to me in April and offer me a worse deal. Perhaps a group by is the way to go?

If a dealer doesn’t want to do a loser deal for one person, why would they do a loser deal for a group buy? You need to find a volume dealer.


In Northern CA and interested.

Ideally want SLT AWD - would take SLE AWD

That’s exactly my plan

SLT or SLE AWD or Diesel

I’m looking for basic terrain

Any updates on this. I’m looking for base base base. In South Orange County.

To everybody interested GMC squashed much of the incentives so this car isn’t as much of a good deal now. Still not a bad deal, but not insanely good like it was back in March.

I’ll take a basic GMC for $1000 down $150/month including tax
All out the door.

But anything more than that is a joke for a terrain.

Ill take a Denali for 36 months, 15K miles per year with $2K down $300 a month with tax

I will take one for free, thanks.


I’ll have whatever you guys are smoking. Seems potent.