Garage Lighting Option That I Love

I will take some pictures when it is dark, but these are SO cool for the money and I highly recommend them.


Looking forward to the pics. My garage is pretty dark and could definitely use some lighting upgrades.

Are you running a prison?


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I wish they had these when I redid my lighting about 10 years ago. Would have been much easier than what I did. I daisy chained 8 4’LED fixtures together :rofl: it’s like walking into a dentist light. One of these days I’ll replace them with dimmable LED’s…

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I was going to post pictures but it’s hard to show how good they are with only a photo. Just looks like I’m turning a light on lol

That’s a pretty clever solution. Please post some pics.

If more output is necessary, here’s a less elegant option from Home Depot. They’re not dimmable so it’s like looking into the sun and will leave spots in your eyes. Seems like any other option is better than the 60w incandescent bulbs the builder included.

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By the way guys, amazon warehouse is THE place for stuff like this IMO.

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I use the amazon product and they’re fantastic