[GA] 2018 Chevrolet Colorado LT V6 4x4 Redline edition

Could I get the money factor and residual value for a 2018 Colorado LT V6 4x4 Redline edition, 24mo/15k and 36mo/15k. Zip code 30060.

They have MSRP listed at $41,920.00, after rebates and incentives the sale price is $33,228.

Try edmunds.com :slight_smile:

I have looked but I am unable to find a section with residual value and money factor. Could you throw me a bone?

Most people aren’t able to get that info… if you tell me the VIN I’ll look it up for you.

Maybe this would help


The VIN is 1GCGTCENXJ1257772

No residual value listed, no money factor listed. Thank you though.

Thanks Jon, lots of good information in that thread.