G8x M3/M4 Offers? What!

I was playing around with the G80 M3 configurator today and got a lease offer good through end of October.

Every dealer I’ve inquired with has landed units at MSRP + $5-10k, or is willing to put you on an open ended waitlist. Pleasantly shocked to see BMWFS touting an offer on their site.

Is inventory building on these things? If so, brokers where you at…I’d sign today.

Click that button and see what the dealers say.


Yeah the base M3 has a great residual right now.

We can order you one at MSRP


I did just for ha ha’s. Don’t expect anything near this, but perhaps tides are turning…I like to be optimistic.

Isn’t it 56%? Gone are the days of 62%.

No, RWD Comp is 61% I believe. The xdrive goes back down to 57%.

Edmunds forum had .00200 and 56% listed for 2023 base M3(10/36).

What’s the allocation wait time looking like for a M3CX?

Depends. There’s a store here and there that has an open allocation but many centers are still waitlist.

MSRP for orders. Allocations are slim.

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It’s still much better to buy these on the balloon. They all got a bump this month. The base is 39%, the comp. is 37%, and the xDrive comp. is 36%. The M4s are all 34%, except the xDrive is 33%.

What is the current residual on the base M3? Anyone know for certain?

62% for 36/10k M3
61% for 36/10k for M3 COMP
56% for 36/10k for M3 COMP XDRIVE


Thanks, 62% isn’t terrible at all. Looks like 0.00200 buy rate if my math is right


That is correct!

Whats the lead time on a base build?

good luck. my allocation is set for 2024.

2024? While they’re not easy to get, there are dealers with available allocations right now and also some with very short waitlists. With a few phone calls, there’s no reason to be waiting that long. There were very few allocation through the summer, but my understanding is that they’re trickling back in.

If you can find an allocation, probably end of year build date, then time for transit etc.

hmmm… i would have to cheat on my dealer… but i will have to check on that.