G70 Deals - Kinda



Eek, 12k or 15k?


Better yet, there are 2016 Genesis 3.8 going for under 22k with under 35k miles.


These actually aren’t as bad as I thought they’d be lol


Add 1% of MSRP for 12k

add 3% of MSRP for 15k


They’re kinda ugly :man_shrugging:


I always thought the G80 was an attractive car.


I currently have a 2017 G80 AWD…with 6 months remaining on my lease. Would love to upgrade to the larger G90 AWD.
Do you have any deals on the G90?


G90/G80 deals are ugly ugly! Yes ugly enough that warrants repeating the word.


What’s a good contact to speak over the phone


Shoot me a call or text at: 224-616-8158


I wonder, could Hyundai circle A-plan help here…


if thats the same thing as employee pricing the MF has to be the standard rate of .00300


No kidding. I took a look at the backseat at the LA Auto Show, and I was like, “Why didn’t they just make this a coupe???”

Thanks for posting the deals.