Funniest/most ridiculous dealer replies you've ever gotten

“Stars, Stripes, and Sales”

Does the mean I can pick up a new car at 95% off?

I have two experiences that speak to the contrary, that too with two luxury car dealers.

But generally you are 100 on the money about this.

You are right. I am finding that a lot of salespeople just don’t understand the numbers and find it hard to understand what I am even asking for.

My last lease was done via an internet person who was running the negotiation details to the SM. When we finally got to an agreeable deal (about a 10 day process) and I came in to sign, I was turned over to a sales rep who bascially had very little to do except baby sit me until it was time to go into see the F&I guy. He likely got a “mini” or “flat” deal out of it but he didn’t seem to mind since I took up almost none of his time or effort.

Yes in the industry that is called a “spoon”. I used to get asked for one almost daily until I started giving out plastic spoons.


When pointing out that $550/mo on a $40k Camaro is way off …


I had to Google “Chevy Spark”. Not sure who in their right mind would pay $550/month for this:



That’s not what the dealer implied. $550 for a Camaro, $299 for a Spark (way too much, anyway)


Tell him you repair totaled Domino’s delivery Chevy Sparks in your spare time.


LS MANUAL Tesla :face_with_raised_eyebrow: ???

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FOLP strikes again


alright, ya gotta tell me what that means. lol.

Fear of low payments. It’s a disease that effects many car salesmen when they’re unable to actual put lease numbers together themselves. Tends to spread at times when the leasing planets align to make for abnormally good terms. There was a jaguar f type variant in 2017, Volvo s90 variant in 2018, bmw 4 series one in 2019, chevy bolt last year, and apparently a camaro version now.


Ah, yes. Makes sense. I have seen it strike for even more common deals such as loaner 3-series, X2, S60, Ioniq.

If that’s a SamCRACK reference I must admit I have not watched his YouTube channel since he decided to repair that pizza delivery car

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Not to forget he proceeded to get sued by Dominos for that.

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Nah the LS Tesla is Rich Rebuilds latest baby, although they have been collaborating a bit.

That lawsuit was BS but it was probably the best thing that ever happened to him

Oh 100%

Any publicity is good…

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I guess stuffing LS or SBF into dead imports was too mainstream?

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