Full Size Crew Cab Truck Deals

What’s the best deals y’all are seeing out there for crew can pickups for October, particularly in the Carolinas. Looks like the 2018 Rams and US Bank Tundra deals have dried up.

2019 Ram V10 Quad Turbo

Crew Cab

Power Tailgate

10k miles 12 months

$218 down $218/month

Must have FCA loyalty

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I wouldn’t t have loyalty but could potentially qualify for conquest. Currently leasing a Tacoma. Does that help?

Toyota loyalty only applies to the 16-cylinder engines.

Dang. I only have the v-12 hybrid. Maybe next time…

Anybody have any serious results?


Somebody tried to lease me the bi turbo, I said no way, I’m only in for the quad turbo, but only if it’s sign and drive

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I can still get tundra crew max off road 5.7 for $400ish on a 24/12 lease