FS: OEM BMW LED Adaptive Headlight (Driver's Side)

For Sale:

OEM BMW LED Adaptive Headlights
Part #: 63117377855

I’m having body shop discrepancy and seems there’s two orders for each part and I have to sell one.

MSRP (Price I paid): $1,946.61

Looking for $1,800.00 obo

Since this was Special Order, the dealership cannot do refunds on Special Orders nor a 35% Restock Fee.

I’m open to offers, but please keep in mind, this came straight from the dealership to the body shop to me and has not been opened at all.

Local Preferred (NY/NJ)
Shipping would be at expense of buyer.

Thank you in advance,

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Hey Jay I am not understanding the situation with this headlamp I would like to see if I could help you so you don’t have to loose this money or go through a head ache trying get it in ur pocket again … could you explain how a body shop is putting that on your ur plate… if you don’t mind explaining Bc I live in NJ would like to see if I could assist you

Thank you for reaching out @chris3210

In summary, I had taken the vehicle to be appraised at the first body shop and upfront, they had made me sign 2 forms. Unfortunately, I hadn’t taken much look at the papers, but I do know that the second form was for the Insurance and it’s direct pay.

So the vehicle was appraised and the body shop had taken the liberty to order the parts from the dealership. Unfortunately, the dealership did not have the parts in stock so they had to specially order it. Just it being a special order, returns are not accepted.

Now, I have had the vehicle with me the whole time, the first time I had taken it to the shop, they had taken pictures and that was it. They said that they had spoken to the insurance damage adjuster and everything was being processed. So, essentially, the second body shop that I was going to take it to was basically no longer required, but my intention was to take it to the second body shop. So I had proceeded nonetheless to take the vehicle to the second body shop.

Now, the first body shop is saying that I have to purchase the parts from them and I don’t want to be involved in any legal issues (I don’t need anything extra like a lawsuit). So, my plan is to take the hit and purchase the parts from the first body shop. Unfortunately, the second body shop had ordered the parts and had undergone the repairs. I would love to find a way to save myself north of $3,000 without any issues.

I don’t want to ask the first body shop for the papers I signed, just so I don’t raise any red flags, as they still believe that I am trying to figure out what to do with the vehicle. I’ve attempted to call NY Consumer Affairs, but this is not their jurisdiction and the DMV is in charge, but they haven’t gotten back to me at all.

Any opinions/suggestions is greatly appreciated.
They had told me I had to figure out what to do by the end of this week.


Please text me 973-970-4644 I own and operate 2 major autobody shops in North NJ we are certified Audi Porsche Jaguar Land Rover Bently Tesla so I know all the rules and bullsh*t stories these companies try to pull on people this guy should have never ordered parts until the car was in process second with BMW there is no special order fee so let me help you out that is straight out craziness