Founders Club Auto Discounts

I’m assuming these “discounts” are manufacturer incentives (such as Fleet) that are attainable in a number of other ways.

Does anyone know either way?

I have an offer from CLEAR for one free year of Founders Card membership, but benefits like late checkout at IHG properties aren’t exactly making my thighs sweat.

Apparently the full list of membership benefits and detailed descriptions are shown only after joining, which I believe tells me what I need to know about the ongoing value.

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Is this from the Fyre festival guy?


I have the founders club elite, which brands you looking at I’ll post the benefits. Some benefits only open to elite members. I found it useful and renewed but I use it for many business benefits.

I was interested because I may end up with another Audi in a year, but I posted this mainly for general interest.

If you wouldn’t mind posting all four brands that would be ideal, but I don’t know how much effort’s involved.

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You can try this

FC Audi: FoundersCard

FC all:

All etrons excluded>

PLEASE NOTE: Preferred pricing is only accessible by obtaining a personalized Audi Affinity Program Certificate from FoundersCard. Acceptance of this certificate and participation in the Affinity Program is subject to the discretion of the individual Audi dealership.

-At participating United States dealers, all new, untitled and unreported Audi vehicles are eligible for purchase or lease with the 6% discount off MSRP with the exception of A3, RS3, RS5, RS6, RS7, SQ7, SQ8, RS Q8, R8, TTRS, and e-tron. Dealers participate in the Audi Affinity program at their sole discretion. Please contact your local Audi dealer for more information.

-FoundersCard Members can purchase one (1) Audi vehicle per year with this program.

-This program is designed to sell vehicles to households of FoundersCard Members. In order to verify program compliance, Members must provide an original certificate with “FoundersCard” preprinted on the form provided.