Found damage on leased BMW iX - what now?

Saw this damage when I parked today. I am 10 months into my 36 month lease and it looks like this scratch went through the paint. I’m based in MA if that matters. 2 questions:

  1. Does it make sense to get fixed now or wait until lease end? Since it went through the paint I’m worried it will rust.

  2. If I do get it fixed, what’s the best path forward? Would insurance cover this? I have a $500 deductible…should I take it to a BMW collision center? I’ve never had to use my insurance before.

Looks like a scuff from the pics, try goof off spray on rag and rub into it.

Thanks - I wish this were the case, but it’s through the paint unfortunately.

It should cost less than $500 to get that patched up. In LA I’ve had similar things fixed up for $200, and you literally cannot tell unless you had a microscope. The detailing/paint touch up tech has come really far nowadays!

If you care and are anal about body of your car, it will need to be patched and resprayed at a body shop

If you just need to pass inspection and are not picky. You can yelp a local mobile guy that comes to you. They sand it and respray it. Those jobs are 75-80% good. Like pass inspection but if u look at the clear coat and angles and shine a light or bright sun you can see it.

But first pass. Wash the area with a rag and some isopropyl alcohol and see exactly where you are at

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OK - wiped down the area with isopropyl alcohol and took some better pictures. Will also reach out to some PDR guys.

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Needs to be sanded, painted and resprayed. You need paint guy as “PDR” is paintless dent repair, but the search string should guide you to find a mobile guy.
Worst off you blow a few hundred and if you cant “live” with it you can do the body shop. Prob not worth risking claiming insurance these days with premium gouging for this type of scratch…

if you can live with it - keep it until the end of the lease and repair later. Who knows how many of these you would get on that panel.

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Costs about 200 in NorCal to fix.

I scratched a much much bigger piece of the bumper from last car. I took people’s advice on here to wait till lease ended and regretted it - I like driving nice clean cars not scuffed up ones. If you don’t mind then wait. The pre inspection might not even charge you for it.