Ford's insane lease numbers

I am interested in a 2022 Escape SE plug in nicely equipped.
The numbers that a dealer gave me are:
MSRP with options and delivery: $38,255
Cash allowance: $8,590 (only good for leases, not sale).
Subtotal to finance: $29,665.

So far so good, however they are considering a money factor of 0.00371 and residual of $17,597. the former crazy high and the latter crazy low!

Based on the above they quoted me for a 36/7500 mile lease $643 with zero upfront payment, or $616 if I pay upfront first month, registration, doc fees.

How insane is it to pay $643 for an under $30K car!

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What was your target deal based on the current lease programs before talking to the dealer?


If the MSRP is truly $38k and the residual is $17.5k, that equates to 46% residual, which is super low. Even with a more reasonable MF like 0.0015 you’re still looking at over $500/mo + tax.

In addition to getting a lower MF, you’d need a better selling price to make this an attractive lease.

What’s the federal tax credit on this vehicle?

This is a key ‘data’ point. I don’t see any ‘incentives’ this large. So I suspect you are buying way over MSRP and throwing it back as a fake ‘discount’

The RV is in the mid 50s to the 60’s so that 46% is definitely misadjusted to the MSRP.

I was hoping to be in the low 400’s

Based on what?

Post the calculator for your target deal. If you haven’t put one together before talking to the dealers, stop everything you’re doing and put one together.

There should be no surprises here as to what the rv/mf/incentives are because you should already know what they should be before talking to the dealer.

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Ford has a $6840 lease bonus cash plus another $1750 or so.


Ford leases on Trucks / PHEVs / EVs do not have subvented interest rates (Ford doesn’t use MF), they’re at the standard interest rate.

Skip the lease and either use a ballon or finance it directly.


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