Ford Mustang Mach-E ( Nj Residents)

Looking for guidance from people on what should i be looking for in my car lease hunt for a Ford Mustang Mach-E. Lifelong BMW loyalist looking to lease a non-bmw for the first time. Any suggestions or tips on the same.

Thanks all in advance!

You’ll probably get more help if you post specific questions

I am the king of non specific answers to non specific questions. Now is the time to jump on Mache-E if you can find one. NJ 5k rebate is in full swing. Do your research on the rebate and the horrible lease numbers …

Bonus points If you can get payment under a certain %…


Without any further info, I’ll just say buy it don’t lease it.

Isn’t Ford offering a balloon financing option on these with a guaranteed buy out which because of the federal tax credit is a vastly superior option to leasing?


Ford Options

Yeah — how does this work? — do the federal & state incentives lower the selling price?

For example in NY, that’s $9,500/36 = $263 —does that $263 come straight off the monthly payment?

Speaking about the balloon financing —

No - the person leasing (lessee) would claim those on their tax returns

The person leasing never claims the federal incentive, as they don’t get it.

You only get the federal tax credit if you purchase, which is where this system comes in.

Because Ford doesn’t pass on (or at least didn’t last time I looked) an equivalent amount incentive to the federal tax credit, you end up paying a lot more. If you do the balloon loan option with the pre-determined buy out, you have the flexibility of returning the vehicle at the end of the term, but you’re still able to claim the federal tax credit as you are the purchaser rather than the lessor purchasing it and leasing it to you.

It wouldn’t come off the monthly payment; you get the money back when you file your taxes for the year of purchase (assuming you have at least $7500 in total federal tax liability).


Sandy has a hardon for this thing, so it’s a buybuybuy.