Ford lease return question

It appears my hopes of getting out of my Ford Escape lease early are likely to be dashed. Dealer today told me they can buy them wholesale for 2-3k below what my residual will be next march… my mileage is way better but that doesn’t get me much.

So, onto the next question. I recently inherited a nice burn hole in my passenger seat from a friend. Ford wear guide says up to (2) burn holes per panel under 1/8" is acceptable. Since this is the size of a cigarette tip it’s about 5/16" in diameter. Anybody have any experience with how much I’d get charged for this? Seen some diy repairs online but this fabric will make the repair easy to see… any experiences/advice appreciated.

Try Carmax or other dealers as far as buying it out. The truck should book out, Ford sets pretty good residual. My 13 F150 was bought from the leasing company at 30 months and sold on the lot

My current car is not an F150 it’s an escape. I’m trying to get into an F150 or other truck. I don’t think I have any equity, not at what Carmax and others are selling them for.