Ford Lease End Options


I have a 2016 Ford Focus Electric which the lease will end in Apr. If I want to buy it at that time, it will be $12,900 plus tax, etc. I checked the offers from Vroom ($11,250) and Carvana ($14,908) for it. Ford Credit says that I need to go through a Ford Dealer. I am told tax (CA Sales Tax) and registration needs to be paid to the dealer. Any suggestions?

I already picked up the replacement (Honda Clarity Electric).



IIRC, Ford won’t allow another dealer to purchase the car at the buyout price if you are within a certain # of months of lease end. No way in getting around it.

There was discussion on this in the past, so I’d search if you are curious

Yes, you typically have to pay sales tax when you purchase the car from the leasing company. Cars are one of the few things where sales tax is paid over and over on the same items. I purchased a 2012 Subaru from when the lease was up. Cost me $17,800 including sales tax. The next day I sold the car to someone else for $20,000 and at the county office, when he registered and we transferred title, they collected sales tax again, this time on $20k. 6% sales tax on the same items, twice in 2 days.

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