Ford Fusion SE vs Honda Accord Sport

My wife and I are looking to lease a couple of family sedans and we are looking for the best deal. The Ford Fusion SE is our top choice, followed by the Honda Accord Sport. My wife graduated from College last June which might help with incentives. Also, we currently drive a Pontiac and a Honda which we purchased, in case there are conquest incentives. We live in Northern California.

I got a a private offer for $750 from Ford emailed to me good through 4/4/16. Looking for 24 or 36 months, honestly don’t care just looking for the best deal. 10k per year.

I found this website while searching for a good lease deal on a fusion and came across this awesome program for a Fusion for $132/month which expired back in January. Any way to get a deal like this anymore?

What are the number like right now?

Should I wait until the 2017 Fusions start hitting the lots with the hope that Ford will discount the 2016 more?

Any information is appreaciated.



Deals on Fusion SE aren’t as great as they were in January: only $2,500 in RCL customer cash. I’d wait to see if things get better. There may be additional incentives near a holiday.

Accord pricing doesn’t vary too much; Honda is pretty consistent year round.

Cool, I will hang tight until the incentives pick up. Thanks.