Ford fusion hybrid $203/m , 36/15 , $1.3k DAS. Is this a good deal?



I found this on Honceer. Msrp $28k
Anynody has experience with this app. Should i expect additional charges?


We need more information - trim etc. On its face it doesn’t seem bad given 15k a year.


I found a similar deal on Honcker for CA (217/m, 36/15, 1.3k das), so I gave it a go, submitting all the papers it requested (i.e DL, passport, insurance, etc). Later a dealer calls to let me know they won’t honor the deal, and that I’ll have to pay 100 more per month for that amount of das. Honcker sales rep later tells me that it was a glitch in their system so they will have to cancel the order. Terrible experience.