Ford focus Electric rebate

I called around for this and $9,750 in Red Carpet Lease (RCL) Customer Cash and $3,000 Bonus Customer Cash. but dealers are only giving me total of about $9k in rebates. am i asking for the wrong thing here? in total the customer cash should be almost 13K correct?

I think the 13K is only on a 2015 and the 9K is for a 2016.

2016 is $8,750 Red Carpet Lease incentive.

2015 is $9,750 RCL + $3,000 Bonus Cash.

It’s 9750 from today for 2016 plus if you can get any targeted incentives you can add that to the 9750.
Also on top of that you can negotiate with dealers as they are very willing to get rid of these models. Not many customers for electric cars even though so much rebates and benefits are available. So use that to take advantage if you are in the market for Ford Focus electric.