Ford F150 XLT Wisconsin

I got a quote for a 2019 Ford F150 xlt chrome package for the following:

44,000 final price
0 down
478 per month
10,500 miles per year
they will make 1st month payment

Should I take this deal or wait for 2020 to come out and see if better deal on 2019???

Hi Blu,
I can tell you that times change fast, the numbers you posted up are horrible compared to 14 months ago.
I live in Green Bay and did $335 with no money down for 2/24 10,500 miles a year last year on a similar truck, even had the 10 speed and 2.7 turbo with 4x4 super-crew sizing.
I am assuming you are talking a 2/24 lease (if it is a 3 year the numbers are even worse).
Ford has not come out with any good offers on 2019’s, 2020’s are likely worse as they are getting towards the end of lifecycle and depreciation is elevating annually.

My advice, steer clear; remember you are only renting it.


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look for a deal at the end of this year, $500 is
is lariat territory.

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Appreciate the feedback. I am holding off for now . . . but I need a new truck.

your target should be under $400 a month if you are looking for an xlt with just chrome package, if you do the research and spend the time online/calling/texting dealers eventually you will find a good deal, you just need to be persistent.

this took about 3 weeks from start to finish.( it’s a really good deal for a platinum, on a 10.5k term it would be something like $450 a month pre-tax.