Ford F150 Lariat

Got this on a Lariat
MSRP 54740
Selling 48,892
mf 1.3
residual rate 59%
RV 32,296
Money Down 5,500
36 months/15000 miles
$446.98 per month

New Jersey

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so 599 a month @ 0 down, is it a 502a? 599 is not very far from king ranch and platinum territory, I think you could do better honestly, but if it’s a 502a w/tech package+ power deployable running boards then it’s not too bad. I think you can do better in the coming months and an extra 2-3k off MSRP is achievable, and I wouldn’t put down money on a lease.

MSRP 49,340
Selling Price 46,046.34
RV 61%
MF 1.9
12000 Miles
Payment 499 with first month payment up front.

I’m not totally comfortable with this, I feel like they can come down lower on the selling price. However, I did think if they didn’t want to budge of asking for a bed extender, all weather mats, and a spray in bed liner. Let me know what you guys think.

I’ll be heading to the dealer here in a south Florida for a lariat 2.7L. I’ll be sure to post my feedback.

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Interested to see what you find

F150s are discounted here like crazy. Dealers advertising 45k msrp for about 340 24 months zero down

Nice! Where are you located? Haha

Colorado cxxxxxxxcxx

Keep us posted. Ive been shopping south Florida for lariat lease and have been laughing my ass of at some of these numbers

I have a Lariat 545000 MSRP $492 per month 12000 36 mos, nothing down

I’ve gotten some laughable quotes on F-150 XLT here as well. I’ve been looking at XLT Sport w/MSRP in the 51-55k range and quotes from dealers in my area have been in the 6-800 range!

I just got a quote on a XLT. Heavy rebates right now on 2.7 eco boost. It is an extended cab but fairly well optioned:

36 Months
10,500 Miles Per Year
$385 Per Month

One of the offers I’ve received:

MSRP: 54790
selling: 48171
rebates: 1750
doc: 199
aquisition: 645
APR: 2.05
$0 down
Monthly: $609.77

Where did you get this deal? That’s exactly what I am looking for.

Flemington Ford in Flemington NJ

First offer was rather laughable.

MSRP $ 54,275.00
SELLING PRICE $ 50,500.00 - $ 963.36 INCEPTION = $ 49,536.64
RESIDUAL VALUE $ 32,565.00 = 60%
Monthly $649+ tax

If i were to go out of state to lease, do they use the mf from where you purchase or where you live? Any other gotchas? Texas seems to have the best deals but im in california.