Ford F-150 Xlt 2018

Anyone lease an 2018 Ford F-150 Xlt lease yet?? I really can’t seem to find any good leases. Thought the end of the year dealers would push number but can’t seem to get any good deal

F150s are number 1 selling truck and don’t lease great. I can give pointers;

  1. Look for a retired loaner (2k miles) in FL that’s a $2500 rebate (So I’ve been told)
  2. Try to shop out of state, quirk ford in MA is advertising a supercrew STX 4x4 ($45k msrp) 24/10 with about $3600 due at signing (fees and down payment) for $249 month.
    If you think that’s high, your not buying a F150 lol

Pending on what you are comfortable spending look at 2017 end of year deals. Thousands off with 0% for 72 months.

Happy shopping and remember to please post your deals so we can assist better.

Im located in California, im not even sure what deanship to go to, to get the best deal.

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I’ve tried reaching out to Quirk. They replied that they don’t work with out of state.

This was with Chevy & Ford.

Has anyone had a similar experience?

I have gotten 2 responses.

  1. Stating: they can sell at current registration states incentives and taxes
  2. Would have to register it twice (never had a response after I said send me numbers and I’ll book a plane ticket)