Ford Dealership saying a vehicles not available to lease


So I’ve even a vehicle I like and want to try do a deal on (haven’t out numbers out to the dealer yet) but when I sent them the particular model I was interested in they said that it was sold fleet ordered vehicle so not available to lease, that any I saw at that price will be sold fleet ordered vehicles.

Is he p***ing in the wind and telling me it’s rain or is this a legit thing? I’ve never come across it, it feels like they know why I’m after that and want to try push higher cost deals on me, which they have

Sounds like its not a new vehicle and therefor isnt eligible to lease

So buy it.

Can’t remember the last time I saw a Ford lease worth jack anyway.

I read an article not to long ago that Ford will not be leasing anymore some EVs

We don’t know if the vehicle the OP is attempting to get is an EV or not, but Ford will still be leasing their EVs. What they aren’t allowing is buying out the lease on EVs, similar to Tesla.

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Not leasing or not allowing you to buy out your lease at the end?

Sorry, not buying out leased EVs.