Ford Credit says they have MSDs?

On the Ford Credit website it states:

“With the Additional Security Deposits option, you make multiple security deposits at lease inception in exchange for reduced lease payments throughout the lease.”

However, the couple dealerships I’ve talked to are either unaware of this or not interested in messing around with them. Does anyone have experience with Ford MSDs??

Ive never seen that. I can pretty much guarantee dealers wont know.

I know, it’s surprising. I’d be very interested to know the specifics on how much each MSD lowers the MF, how many you can do, etc. I guess that would probably require a trip into a dealer in-person and hound them until they call ford credit.

I tried when I was leasing my Fusion, unfortunately three out of three dealerships I asked before coming in, flat out answered pretty much in line of “we are not Mercedes, so NO!” :frowning:

Just want to Bump this thread.

I spoke to a couple of Ford dealers and as you say they are clueless. One of them had no idea and the other said they are just for people with bad credit.

Has anyone had any luck with it. Fords lease so badly, trying to get a good deal on an Edge Sport with 401A, 21 inch rims and park assist. Best I have been able to get is $562 a month with just the basic drive offs and that comes with the panoramic room. No where close to the 1% rule as MSRP is about $48k-$49k for that car.

Thanks for sharing.

It’s hard to imagine how there can be such a disconnect between Ford credit and their dealerships. How can it clearly state that it’s an option on the website, but then the dealers are so seemingly unaware of this option?

CONFIRMED! Ford do accept Additional Security Deposits.

They work in APR not MF so each deposit is rounded up to the nearest $25 and reduces the APR by 0.25% for each one. The lowest you can go it 0.1% APR.

So if the APR is already at .50% you can only use 2 MSD’s max to hit .1%?

Yes, right now Ford have bad residuals and good APR so they are not that helpful

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Bumping an old thread. Can anyone confirm if the Ford MSD/ASD program is still available? Ford Credit was less than knowledgeable on the phone.


FWIW…just because a dealer says no, doesn’t mean it’s the case. I talked to a sales manager at a Mercedes dealership not long ago, wh had no idea what MSDs were. I clued him in, sent him a link to the MB finance website that spells it out. And he thanked me for filling him in, he said in the 2 years he had been there, I was the first person who ever brought it up. I thought at first he was bullshitting me, but the dude seemed genuinely clueless.

Thanks. That’s why I’m reaching out to this audience. I called Ford Credit directly and they were clueless. I don’t expect any dealer to be more knowledgeable.

Paging Ed_Churchward

Yes, they do MSD, BUT Ford usually have very low APR/MF to start with so they barely do anything to the monthly payment. Most leases are at about 0.5% so you can’t really bring the numbers down.

It is also very painful trying to get a Ford dealer to acknowledged that they offer MSD’s!

I got a Finance guy working on my lease today and he was on the phone with Ford Credit trying to satisfy my request to get to the bottom of this. After a 10 min convo, the finance guy said it’s available but it’s used on people with bad credit. They take what the lease payment would be and multiply it by 10 and the bad creditor would put that amount down as a security deposit… it would also lower the payment very slighty. He tried to work the numbers out but it was truly small, like $1.25 per payment. I figured he did the math wrong. That’s my insight into it, they hardly do this and it’s for certain situations only (at least at the dealership I went to).