Ford Bronco Discussion - Now MY2023

Numbers get thrown around, sometimes whispered. It’s often 3-12 months for most brands - but there are exceptions and I prefer to just ask subtly.

To be fair, a quote only means so much without some sort of proof. If I said that George Washington said to “buy bitcoin” before signing the Declaration of Independence, you would probably want some evidence of that. I know that is a statement you would hopefully never believe, but just illustrates my point.

6 months is usually the tipping point, a year to be safe. Also depends on if you trade it back into the originating dealer. Someone trading back in a Bronco for a F150 after 2 months wouldn’t be a “broker” (I would be shocked if Ford would punish someone for that). Whereas someone buying a Bronco and selling to a used car lot 4 months later would probably be a “broker” under Ford’s terms.

Would you ever post Porsche’s internal docs on public forum? I rest my case. A simple link to the source would work. We all share information here without “proof” all the time.

No but that is because I like my job (on most days). A member of the public posting is fair game to me, especially since I am sure that is floating around on various Ford forums and Facebook groups. Now you can make the argument against whoever leaked that info to the public. But should we also remove the screenshot of what BMW incentives stack since I see that posted every here and there or the various other random programs/docs we see time to time?

It’s not exactly the same and you know this. But yeah, I don’t think the actual docs should be posted here. If you or anyone else posts Porsche incentives/MF/RV, that works without any actual document.

Last thing I will say so this can try to stay on topic. If I posted that info or a broker, then sure. But how often do we see people pulling RVs and MF out of their back end without checking Edmonds or even asking the dealer. I personally like the verify everything that I can, especially in the auto industry.

I don’t think anyone just pulls MF/RV out of their back end. Some may make a mistake.

Sure, Ford also doesn’t want dealers adding on ADMs either, good luck. That document is just as worthless as the piece of paper it was actually printed on. People are gonna do whatever, have fun with that.
I’m still ordering my Bronco and next Mach E with LC.

My 2 door base manual Broncos won’t be built til end of month but does anyone have MMR on them? Just wondering what they will fetch.


BASE MMR $49,400

MSRP on this was in the 30’s right ??

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Thank you!! Yes was very low 30k range but not sure if I will get the price increase with it. Just base 2 door manual, no options. I ordered 3 and just got email saying two of them will be built end of month.

its going to be a long wait

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Ugh… To summarize.

MY2023 Bronco order banks delayed from 8/15 to 9/12
When the order banks open, it will be for prior reservation holders only.
Next update on retail order bank opening in Q4.


Is this confirmed ? @leasecompanion

Yes it is confirmed.

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Dealer lists this as “in transit,” but I saw it on their lot yesterday with a $20K markup. They had quite a few “flipped” Broncos right out front as well.