Ford Bronco Discussion - Now MY2023

Does anyone even know the allocation model/algorithm? At least for corvettes, you know the big dealers. Not sure why Ford makes it such a crapshoot.

It keeps changing, but factors include not only dealer allocation, but how “easy” your build is to accommodate and supposedly your place in line from reservation/order. Several dealers took a bunch of reservations because Ford originally said that they would build them in order. Then they came up with some allocation based on Jeep sales in the area and Bronco Sports sold or some other such nonsense. I think if you are a walk in buyer now, a big dealer should be your best shot.

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Found an Outerbanks at MSRP… don’t know if I should pull the trigger. Not sold on the soft top.

Putting in an updated order will not protect the APR. Very annoying.

I would love to get interest rates from 2020 when I first reserved. :grinning: I did get a notification this week that my Badlands is scheduled to be built in April. I will post up in the trophy garage once it is all said and done, but all signs are currently pointing to a great overall deal…

I had one with soft top that I sold last year, you def want a hard top. The soft top looks like it will age horribly, not to mention the windows over rear wheel/quarter panel are part of soft top and not hard.

Im trying to order 23 everglades this March when orders open up. Love the look and feel they will be hardest to hold value in secondary market. Having had rubicons, now trd pro 4r. Want to try out most offroad worthy bronco.