Force Links to open a new window?

Following this thread

There was a hyperlink, which took me to a new site and left LH behind.
It’s been bugging me a little bit, but is there an easy option to force links to open in a new tab?

And Yes I know you can CTRL click to open a new tab, I was thinking more of a setting in LH to do it for me.

Touch and hold the link.

No workie on a Desktop

  • It would break my monitor…lol
  • It doesn’t work on a mouse.

On my iPad (Safari) and PC laptop (Chrome), external links from LH automatically open in a new tab upon a simple click.

Maybe it’s a browser configuration.

On my devices.

  • Pixel - Chrome - Leaves LH
  • Desktop - Chrome - Leaves LH
  • Ipad - Chrome - Opens Apple App.

I will review what settings I can change to force new window open.

Are you talking about the link I posted or a standard LH link? There’s 2 ways to link in LH. Using the URL which auto creates or the LINK icon on the top, the link icon is what I am talking about.

Try changing this setting in Preferences/Interface.



“Clicking” a link with the middle scroll wheel on your mouse (press in to click instead of scrolling up or down) will also open links in a new browser tab if you’re using a desktop.

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Thanks, my wheel mouse shifts too often when I try that…hehe. right click is better, but the fact that this has site has a setting is excellent.

Ctrl + Click should also work, or Right Click → Open in a new Tab

Can anyone tell me how this works in Netscape?