For sale: 2023 Rivian R1S w/ 459 mi - Price cut $87,900

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2023 Rivian R1S Adventure
LA Silver exterior
Black Mountain + Dark Ash Wood interior
21" Wheels
Large battery
VIN: 11xxx

Current MSRP as spec’ed: $94,025 (incl freight and doc fee)
Asking price: was $89,000, now $87,900

ODO: 459 mi (as of today - may slightly increase)
Current location: Maryland

This car has been barely used & still looks/feels new. I’m torn but considering finding this car a new proper home while it is practically brand new.

Got the 2023.34.0 update last week. Ride quality is sublime.

Lien with RFS/Chase Bank. Prefer to use a 3rd party to manage the deal (e.g., a keysavvy or drivecaramel).


Why don’t you want to hold onto it?

I have a pre-price hike reservation coming due in a few months and debating whether I should go through with it.

I do. I will definitely hold this if there’s not enough interest. This is indeed a great vehicle. But it is clearly more than what we actually need in several ways. I’m more of wondering if we can downsize (especially for wife) before this car loses that new car smell.

I can recommend this seller. It’s a nice ride, if it 's what you are looking for.


I’m more of wondering if we can downsize

Ioniq6 time :stuck_out_tongue:


Does Rivian offer free fast charging?

Beautiful ride. GLWS !


Ioniq 6 Limited AWD 36/10 $300/m when?!


Rivian has their own charging network and is expanding it.

It is exclusive to Rivian vehicles. And I believe it is still free, although Rivian said they might make it pay-to-use someday.

But I wouldn’t be surprised if Rivian would rather spend that time to actually build more cars.

Price cut! $87,900. This could be the lowest price like-new listing in the world.

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I will take it for 80k cash

This offer checks out with your post history.


I will too!

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I’ll take it for $81k, $1k down, and $500/mo for 160 months? :rofl:

That’s a beautiful truck! GLWS.

Don’t like paying taxes, lol if I buy can you write the rivian as a gift :joy::joy:

This is a gorgeous color! I am seeing more and more of these here. By far the best EV SUV in terms of looks and usability.

The only down side is the charging network but it’s expanding so that shouldn’t be a problem as long as they maintain their charging station and don’t become another electrify America…

If I had the budget for it I’d jump on this!
GL with the sale man, this is a great deal!

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Thanks. It is indeed a great car.

I’m jumping in at $80k. Hit up my dm’s when you’re feeling itchy. :grimacing:

Thanks! Just so you know, my daily routine includes politely declining offers in the mid 80k range so it will take a lot of histamine to make it happen.