For Sale - 2017 Tesla Model X 75D - FSD Enabled, 22" Onyx Wheels, CPO until 2024, $58k

Year, Make, Model, and Trim: 2017 Tesla Model X 75D
Location: Miami, FL

MSRP: $120,000 (I believe. I do not have the sticker)
Asking Price: $58,000

Current mileage: 78,482

Vehicle condition (accidents, tire wear, etc.), options, and other details:
Clean title, no accidents. Minor wear and tear throughout the vehicle.
CPO Warranty Through July 2024
Battery Warranty Through March 2025
Black Exterior / White Interior
6 Seat Configuration
Premium Package
Cold Weather Package
AutoPilot with FSD enabled
Black 22" Onyx Wheels
78,000 miles


Nice car but 6 years old and still holding 50% residual?

Crazy market. Imagine I listed this 2 months ago. Value was even higher.

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Nice ride. I always thought that 75kwh battery was too small for that size of car. My etron barely hits 200 miles and it has 25kwh more than your MX75D. With the 22" can it manage 180 miles? Does this model still fall under free supercharging?

75 of that vintage will hit ~175-180 RW miles on 19” or 20”

22” closer to 150, real talk.

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Doesn’t have free supercharging.

On 100% the dashboard says 211 miles. I typically charge to 80%, and I’ll get around 150 RW range mixed city and Highway. Roads trips with spirited driving around 140ish.

I don’t typically charge to 100%, but figure 30-40 miles over those is probably what I’d get.

You have about 9% degradation from original based on 303wh/mi being the rated constant for that specific submodel.

What mileage does the CPO warranty end at?

July 29, 2024 or 93,314 miles, whichever comes first

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You’ve got this priced at retail. This usually isn’t the group for that type of pricing.

Need to find someone who will value FSD.

I would suggest you list on;
facebook marketplace (for general amusement)
findmyelectric (gets you on tesla-info for free)
telsamotorsclub (like facebook but worse).

Looks nice.

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There’s zero chance the original MSRP on this car was $120K… It started a few grand under $90k.

I think you underestimate just how expensive Tesla was before the Model 3 came around.

A similarly optioned P100DL would have run around 165-170.

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This is a 75D though… According to C&D anyway it started at $81Kish. I recall looking at a new X90D around that time and it was right at $100K.