[FOR NJ] 2023 Tesla Model 3 RWD - 36mo 10k mi $1600 DAS $356mo

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any issues picking up your car im set to pick up tomorrow

How are you liking the vehicle?

@xmonger exceeds what I expected! I never considered an EV car in the past, nor do I find Tesla’s “interesting” to me from an appearance perspective. I think the Model 3 in white looks amazing, and I love the technology and acceleration. Adding that I haven’t driven it much (yet) as I travel for work, and often work remotely (plus it is our 3rd car for 2 drivers, thus my wife has been using it during the week)

Bottom line- if you live in NJ, you cannot beat the $404/month for 10k miles with $250 out-of-pocket for a car like this, especially in this horrible leasing market that currently exists.


@mikemass biggest issue was dropping my wife at the door of the Tesla dealership and parking my car (it was raining), for her to be quoted a higher monthly payment vs. what I originally told her! :slight_smile: I changed the lease terms to zero due at signing, and didn’t tell her, haha! Otherwise no issues for me. This is not a traditional buying experience, meaning (at least in Princeton) you get a 15 minute appointment, and there is no staffing to show you how to use the car…so if you haven’t driven one, get onto YouTube ASAP to learn how to at least get it unlocked and in gear! Personally I rather discover my cars features myself, so this was ok for me (but not my wife). Adding that yes- if all the check boxes on the app are green, you are good to go. If not- get them corrected tonight.


Picking up next Friday

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Two days from the time everything was approved to the time I received a message to schedule a delivery date. You’re supposed to get a text message, but I just ended up checking the app every once in a while and saw that it was ready to schedule.

Does Tesla check credit when you lease? If so how does it affect the purchase? I never heard anyone mention this before

I made an appointment to pick my car up on Monday by myself (wife offered to come with me on Saturday). I politely declined as I don’t need her seeing the final terms of the team :rofl:

How did you do this?

Tesla manages the $4k EV incentive down payment…it will appear after you order your Tesla, in your lease agreement (that appears in the app once a VIN is assigned)


Pretty sweet. I wish Michigan had similar.

I was very interested in taking advantage this lease offer but, as I understand it, it can’t be bought out by anyone at anytime. Other than finding someone to transfer the lease to, if it’s even allowed, I’d be stuck with the car for 3 years whether I like it or not, right?

Lease transfers are allowed. If you hop on swapalease and compare prices against what other transfers are going for, you wont have a bit of trouble transferring it.

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Correct, you cannot sell it during the lease, but you can currently transfer the lease to someone else.

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WOW. The offers for model 3s in NJ are insane.

Even looking here in florida where i dont get all the NJ benefits, a new lease would be easy to transfer out of compared to what moved on swapalease.

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Does anyone know what the Qtr mi/trap speed is for the 2023 M3RWD?

I only see 0-60 quoted at 5.8 sec. I can’t find any review or publish spec with this info.

Anyone in jersey want to do this for a fellow Leasehackr? I’d be willing to make it worth your while

I believe mid/upper 13’s @104-105mph.


To me, it feels a lot quicker than this, especially on the rolling acceleration runs. The difference between the RWD and dual motor cars seems to get smaller after the cars are already moving.