For my mom: 2019 BMW 430i Coupe Lease $433/month, $2.5k down

Hello, first post! My mom wants to lease a BMW and I want a good deal for her. She wants to turn in her old lease for this one. What do you think? We’re in Orange County. Look forward to your feedback!

MSRP: $49, 670
Selling Price: $36,680

Mileage: 22
Residual: 56%

Have you used the LH calculator to work the numbers? Have you looked into loaners for deeper discounts?

You should contact @BMW_Dave for a better deal.


You sure it’s a GC? It says it’s a coupe (2dr)

Thank you! Yes, its just a Coupe. I’ll contact BMW Dave.

When using the LH calculator, Can I just ask the salesman for all the numbers the calculator requires?

Use BMW Dave. You’re in SoCal, his numbers are likely better. The one on the spreadsheet have a different MSRP, but I’m sure you can tell him what you want.

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You can email me directly at

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