For Folks Who Conduct Business in India and the Philippines-3/24: India Lockdown Extended to 21 Days

Major changes early last week to WFH procedures in Manila
Changes Friday to Mumbai, Pune, among others
Upcoming Changes to Chennai, Bangalore, and many other major cities

For those who conduct business here, this will result in a massive productivity impact.

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Your link redirects to the home page. What is the change?

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Woops! Made the change.

The update is different states are now on lockdown until 3/31.

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Yea a lot of order processing for big tech distribution goes through Manila and there struggling to source laptops to WFH. Other issues are internet reliability so this as many other things will have a huge ripple effect.

Not to mention call centers. There’s really no way to replicate that work from home.

And, understandably, a lot of folks are going to return to their families in their native, where any sort of broadband/data card connectivity is not an option.

Overall, everyone needs to be understanding and empathetic during this time, regardless of industry or location.


Which is it? Hype or huge ripple effects?

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The two are completely different topics and context. The cases have been misinterpreted in the media which only states the growing number of cases, and yet to speak too how many of those cases are already clear. It’s all hype to get people scared which is all media does these days. The second is the ripple effect that call centers and in my case order entry workers In India and the Philippines will cause major issues…the reason there will be a lack of technical support for remote workers and a lack of distributed products to assist in the wfh quarantine efforts…good try though sir

This is all the more I need to learn about you, sir. Its all hype unless it hits you.


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Again your reading this all wrong…I do and will stand by this is media hype on the flu. I personally suspect this has been around longer more people know and many have had it already. If you read the OP post you will see he is speaking specifically to the effects this is having on people working in the countries. To which I responded and agreed I have felt the effects and have worked with the people of Manila for over 20years. We have been through 9/11, earthquakes, monsoons where I didn’t hear they were ok from some of these co workers I call friends for months. Go be angry else where take that super sleuth energy of yours and go shopping for your elderly neighbors like I have been doing for the past week.

I’m not angry. And you can GFY

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Adam don’t be like that.

A client of mine was scrambling last week to get equipment to their staff in Manila, most of whom don’t own computers NOR have broadband. All hands on deck for them.

Imagine if we had used the past three months to get testing in place to have the facts!

This is adorably dated. India used to be the call center capital after Ireland, but a lot has moved. Just about every company on the Dow and Fortune 100 employs knowledge workers in India and Across Asia to do essential work (great great piece about how most of the Boeing 737-MAX failures trace to offshoring critical roles that used to be in or just outside Seattle).

There is a secondary wave of business paralysis as this spreads around the world. All cars are world cars. All big (and many small) companies are global companies. I haven’t worked with a company of any size in 10 years that doesn’t have at least 1 key business activity offshore somewhere.

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I didn’t intend for this to spiral. I honestly thought it may have been interesting information to some :confused:

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True. Although as I reread this thread, I can at least say I kept it civil :slight_smile:

You’re right though. Internet forums will become an outlet for some to let their frustrations out. Better here with strangers than with family.

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