For any of those considering an I3 Lease - 2018 or 2019!

I just ran a lease on one of these. $99 / mo $1000 DAS + MSDs in NJ. Unreal


With 10% discount on a $54,295 MSRP unit not far from me, I come up with $0 DAS and $112/mo + MSDs for 24/10k

Yeah I ran it at invoice too. These are gonna be good.

With 9% discount on a $50,685 MSRP unit, I come up with $0 DAS and $75/mo for 24/10k+MSDs. It sounds like a joke…

It does sound like a joke, i’m looking at my lease worksheet in disbelief. these are going to fly out in the next few days, and likely with aggressive deals on these the dealerships wont be losing much below invoice on them.

Do the 2018 BEV and Rex qualify for the NJ sales tax exemption?

Hey @bretbmw or anyone else that’s leased the i3, how is the interior space?

With California cvrp (2500) and utility rebate, these are going to be basically a free lease.

Theyre not bad, we have one in stock as a loaner that we take frequently to do dealer swaps. and frequently have 4 people in them. they’re pretty good. it’s a little bigger than the new mini cooper. nice ride to be honest

I’m only seeing a 7500 lease credit here in WA; not seeing anything about a second 7500 iPerformance credit…

it was an error…I wonder if anyone was able to seal a deal during the error?? that would be a true hack!

bmw fs would just reject the contract and the deal would be unwound prolly

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I think it was an error on BMWFS’s part. Usually, they would accept any deals completed already before they noticed/corrected their mistake.

Super - sign me up

apparently not: No longer available - 2019 BMW i3 Rex

Yea, just saw that. I noticed that @Cody_Carter would mention TFS occasionally had errors, but they would honor their deals until the rest of the day.

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If they did that, I had about a 25 people wait at that price. Would have been absolutely nuts.

Lets just call this what it is:
The two horned unicorn that never was.:unicorn:

Would you guys be able to post the numbers/calculations you are using to get the ~$100/mnth costs? There are a few available local to me and want to see if I can work a deal. Thanks!

Plz read thru all the messages… it was an error in the system and nobody got the deal.