For any of those considering an I3 Lease - 2018 or 2019!

False alarm guys, same as last month



Good to know. Dad’s i3 lease ends in May; maybe we’ll get another sooner! It’s either this or a $35K Model 3.

Are the residuals and MF the same?

Do you know residuals yet?

MF went down from .00188 to .00177. Residuals (i dont remember what i3 residuals were last month) are now 58% for 36/10k.


Are you sure sure???

I am bidding on a few cars right now. glad I waited till March - That X3/XC60/RDX will have to wait.

Wow. If one was able to get 12% off MSRP and with $15k in rebates on a $50k i3, that covers all the depreciation portion of the lease.


Looking forward to some crazy hacks this month! Can’t wait!


That’s huge. Looks like the i3 is back on the map. If only it weren’t so ugly!


Is BMW still supporting lease for 2018 i3?

Can confirm same as last month on the residuals.


Awesome thanks. Looks like anyone who held out will be glad to hop on a deal. We are all out of 2018 and 2019 i3’s so hopefully those interested will get great deals on it.

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I know I can find on Edmunds, but since you are here … what about 24-mo residual? :slight_smile:

Only issue where I am is limited availability as most (I believe) are going to NE/Pacific - am sure I will find something that works for this price though :slight_smile:

Add 6 percentage points if I am not wrong - 64

Amatot is correct. 24/10k is 64% residual.

dang. my dealer shows zero i3s in stock.

Sheet even you ship across the country these numbers would still be good. I am looking 500 miles around me.

Are all 2018s being supported to be leased? Including 3,5,x3,x4,x5?

Are we sure that the $7,500 lease credit and $7,500 iPerformance credit can be combined on a lease? The sample deal on the BMWUSA website only shows the lease credit — even if I use a NJ zip code — but they could be hiding it.

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Will dealer be still open to offer some discount on MSRP or they wouldn’t negotiate much considering the rebates and the high demand?