Florida FEB 2019 QX60 Pure $346+tax. 1st and MSD D.A.S Luxe Essential $446+ tax with 1st DAS ONLY!



Thank you @fl_seeker and congrats


Please PM me again if you dont mind. Thanks


The Mazda6 has been turned back in so at this point just waiting for the right deal so curious what the numbers are looking like at this point.


Pm sent. 20202020


BUMP * 4 more Pure trims for exact price are available now.


Last 2 days left. No idea if RV stays strong at 60% on these for December. I can manage 2 more units for the PURE trim. Gram em while you can :wink:


@mani_is_kool could you please let me know if this deal is still available. I think I missed this post. I been looking for a lease, just turned in my BMW. sent PM.


Just replied to you. Thanks.


Want to change the title or close this thread?


Waiting on numbers from dealer… will most likely be same so will change title … Why so Grrrrrrrr ? :stuck_out_tongue:


" Florida NOV 2019"



LOL. I know. I will fix it now. Thanks bud.


December numbers to stay same for now. Although 2 pending deals for the pure which we will be completed this weekend. For any new members, I will need your patience for me to get dealer trades done.
Thank you.


Sent you a PM. Thank you!


Replied and communicating on pm. Thank you :slight_smile:


Im running short on inventory and also leaving for the holidays on the 21st. Please do not wait for the end of the year deals as I may not be able to offer anything better my contacts out of stock.


Asking for a friend he currently has a q50 lease is up on February 19 can he do pull ahead for the q60 pure and when he got the q50 he had vpp he doesn’t have it anymore(left the company) so how much will be his monthly with msd
Thank you in advance


Pm sent. 20202020


Hi Mani, I’m looking to lease a 2019 Q50 with Essental and proassist packages 12K/39. Can you pm me best deal in FL. Thanks!


Whats the deal like in NY / NJ? Looking for Pure AWD thanks!