FLORIDA: Chevy Bolt LT $270 DAS and $270/month

In the hopes of being helpful to those in Florida wanting to drive an EV, I’m sharing the best I was able to achieve here. I’m really grateful to have the car! Congrats to all the people getting what seems like free / nearly free Bolts in other parts of the country. You’re amazing! This is what was realistic for Florida in my experience:

MSRP: $40,010
Monthly Payment $270
Drive-Off: $270 (First Payment)
Months: 36
Annual Mileage: 10k
MF: .00051 (each dealer I spoke with had a different firm money factor…)
Residual: $21,205.30
Incentives: $10,250 ($5750 Bonus Cash, $3000 Costco, $1500 Lease Conquest)
Region: Florida


You did good :relieved: i prefer not paying state tax from my paycheck in florida than having a free bolt


Fair deal for us Floridians. You would think the “Sunshine state” has some sort of EV rebate but our state isn’t very progressive.

Great job. Check Edmunds for this information next time.

Can you share where you got this deal?

Sure. Sent you the contact information on private message.

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Where in FL, what dealer?

I haven’t posted the details of the deal yet, but I signed a $7k one-pay for a fully-loaded Premier (MSRP $44k) on Wednesday. Despite silly dealer fees and no EV incentives, solid deals in South Florida are possible!

That’s awesome! Congrats! When you’re ready, please post as I think that would be helpful to a lot of people here.

Sent you a private message with contact details. Good Luck!

Great deal! Can you share the details? Looking for a deal in Florida.

Just recently moved down to Florida, 2 year lease $160/mo for Nissan Leaf ends in February. How is everyone able to get the $3000 Costco discount on the Chevy Bolt EV - is it really really common for everyone by default to have Costco membership? I don’t have a Costco membership, would it be recommended to get a Costco membership now, purely speculating that next year there might be another Chevy Bolt EV Costco discount, so then I could replace the Leaf with an inexpensive Bolt?

The Costco/GM Auto program usually runs from October to January in some kind of form. It varies year to year. Some years they give out a Costco gift card worth varying amounts when you buy or lease. Supplier pricing has been on the table before. This year there was a special focus on the Bolt with a big incentive, with smaller incentives for other GM vehicles. If Costco is a store you would ship at anyway, it’s certainly not a bad membership to have when it comes to car shopping, especially for GM and Volvo when they offer special incentives.

Thank you for your response. I am aware that there also have been Costco discounts in prior years. For me, there is a Costco store nearby, at the same time, usually there is no need to go shopping in bulk. So my question would be like: When otherwise one does not have a Costco membership and really no need for it, would people consider getting a Costco membership, solely for the purpose that in the future, they could possibly get an inexpensive electric car lease? $3,000 makes a big difference in lease payments. With the VW ID.4 coming out, as well as Chevy’s own Bolt EUV, I could possibly imagine that Chevy could put on another Costco discount program, to move those regular Bolt EVs next year :wink: (In my case, my current lease would end in early February, I could also ask Nissan to extend it in case there are no inexpensive EV lease deals in February in FL, in case Nissan/NMAC would allow a lease extension at that time)

For me personally, even a basic 60 or so/mo membership is kind of a no brainer for access to the Auto program (potential savings in the thousands on many brands) plus many of the other services available (Insurance, mortgage, pharmacy, vision, etc). So even if you never bought any bulk items it could be worth it. 10 dollar pizzas and 5 dollar chickens too :yum: