Florida: Buy used Lexus IS vs Lease any good deal

Hey guys,

I’m in South Florida and my family and I usually buy our cars. I just started my first job out of college and decided that my 2007 Camry is getting long in the tooth. I’ve considered two options: buy a used Lexus IS 350 or lease a good bank-for-the-buck deal. I’m patient and can wait for a really good deal. What are your thoughts?


You are on a leasing forum so I think the answer is pretty clear. It only makes sense to buy if you are willing to drive the car into the ground. If you know you will want a new car in a few years then just lease.

I think I’ll be fine keeping this car for more than 3 years. It’s a huge upgrade from my Camry which I’ve had no qualms with for 5+ years.

I also just found a 2015 IS 350 F-Sport, super well kept, $18,500 with 80k (mostly highway) miles.

If I had followed this strategy right out of college I would have had a lot more money for vodka and weed.