Florida BMW or Audi lease

Reading some posts, it seems that there are not many Florida dealers or lease brokers recommended for BMW or Audi. I’ve been looking for an Audi A5 conv. or BMW 4 series conv. lease for some time but have yet to find any good deals. Does anyone have recommendations for dealers or brokers in the mid or south Florida areas for these brands?

I’m in Tampa and had no success with Florida dealers for a BMW. I eventually made the quick flight to Atlanta and picked up a 3 series at United BMW. Trying to get a QX60 now and so far the best deals by far are out of state.

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My local BMW dealer in Tampa was really high on stuff, but did have a good lease on an i8 (around $1100/mo). I just didn’t want to spend that much on a car that had very limited capabilities (size for the family). All of their other stuff was really high. Large fees, not as deeply discounted, and very pushy. Again, this is just one of the dealers near us.

i find Audi leases poorly in general compared to BMW if you can qualify for extra rebates with BMW.


Nice! Does it still make sense to look in Georgia for better lease deals with the MSD coming back in Florida? Does Georgia have a high doc fee like in Florida?

if MSDs are in FL but not Georgia then I’d look in FL first.

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