Floating the idea of buying a truck, hard to gauge market outside of RAM

Howdy all,

Recently been floating the idea of purchasing a truck (potentially lease, esp. with Clutch’s TX deals and no sales tax), but I’ve found it really hard to get a feel for the market.
Right now it looks like the new Tundras are consistently selling at MSRP or over for high end trims, Ram’s can be had around 7% off when ordering through Clutch, which just leaves the F-150.
Nobody seems to advertise here and every dealer I’ve reached out to just wants me to come tire kick at the store to get an idea for numbers.

Just thought I’d turn to the Hackrs to get some ideas about where the market sits for trucks and what are some potential leads to shoot for. I’m in Texas, so resell is high on trucks and financing just seems like a better move here. :woman_shrugging:

Agreed! I’ve been eyeing the Maverick (over 40mpg!) but getting info for Ford is like a black hole, when we have MRI’s of everyone else. Wonder how to fix.

I shudder at the thought of owning a mid/small size truck, but one would figure being the best selling vehicle in America (F-150) it would be easy to figure out pricing! lmao

Already got 3 full size! lol '70 F250 is 10mpg, '75 gets 11mpg '02 Ram gets 15 mpg…so you see…


Ram numbers are still the best. You can still grab the $1000 coupon from Ram Website after you build your ram on 22 models only.

F-150 is by far the best truck i’ve driven. Haven’t driven the new redesign GMC/Chevy yet. But previous gen gm wasn’t as good as f-150

Ram limited and above is what i liked. but the numbers for it are so bad

Laramie Headlight are kinda eh - on the hunt for a new truck too since twice a month i use it for Truck Things

checkout clutch pages for Gm Deals - clutch had sierra for 6k off and GMS too

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If you got Costco, the Silverado’s got some deals

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Damn I completely, or should I say correctly, forgot about GM products lol. My buddy has a 2015 Sierra and it’s a great looking truck, inside and out honestly!
His dad just got a 100k Denali 1500 and after sitting inside I was so shocked. In 7 years almost nothing has changed on the interior and the exterior went to shit. Just a total letdown all the way through

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The Tundra’s maintain the highest resale value so if you don’t plan on keeping it for the long haul that may be your best option. The RAM’s are the cream of the crop, though, in my opinion. I’m waiting on a Cybertruck, so I’ll probably have to wait until hell freezes over.

I went through this exercise earlier this year for full size trucks.

It was a different market back then but Rams were the best value.

Now, certain Tundras have come down in price, many Silverados available (with cash back) and even car-trucks (like the Ridgeline) don’t have markups.

I was trying to maximize MPG and be “eco friendly”, so I was only looking at diesels. I like the Ram and the Tundra because of the rear suspension. Ended up with a Silverado Duramax before the 2022 refresh. If I could rewind, I would have probably waited but needed a vehicle. A Lightning would have been ideal but can’t find a Pro/XLT in Cali.

Good luck.

I have seen Tundras below MSRP from brokers, I am also considering replacing my Avalanche with something newer.

I found one Pro in stock last month. $25k markup

In WI most 2022 Ram Big Horn 4x4 Crew Hemis are 16.6% off (MSRP 60kish minus 6.5k dealer discount plus 3.5k in rebates) equals $50,000.
Plus some received a private offer for $1,750 that stacks.



When we are discussing discount %, its pre-incentive, putting this at about 10.7%

He must have bought Denali with old interior. They just completely overhauled the inside of the Sierra/Silverado. The $100k Denali Ultimate interior is probably the best interior in the segment now.

Looks like no doubt the Ram has the best deals. That eTorque engine really seems great. Anybody got real world mpg figures? I don’t do a lot of highway driving.