Flagship rebate for 2019 750?

Is there still flagship of 12k available for leftover 2019 750i? Helping my father in law and the dealer offered 14k off total and I choked on my spit at the low discount. They were offering a deal more than people are paying for a 2020.

You think that’s bad? I have a laughable offer on a 640i GT with a 10K Certificate.

I’ll have a look see on that and get back to you unless someone else does first.

Yes the Flagship cash is still around.

Next time when you ask for a quote, ask the sales person to get you the sales price after adding the 12K flagship cash. When you mention it and make it clear that you know about it they will hesitate in offering a leftover car with 2K discount over the flagship money.

The alternate way is to just ask for 30% off MSRP if its a loaner or around 25% odd on a new one and let them know that you are asking for such discount factoring the 12K flagship and the fact that it is an outgoing design still on the lot.


^^ What this guy said!

Even though the outgoing design was nicer looking (I really can’t stand that giant grille!!!)


thanks for the info. figured it was still available but wasnt sure (like the lexus dealers pretending they didn’t know about the lexus cash…). father in law doesnt care necessarily about 2019 vs 2020, just getting a “good deal” and a few specific options. anyone a broker that will ship one to ohio?

Just curious. What is flagship cash?

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“Secret trunk money” :wink:

It’s to help move slow sellers and strong competition segments. M4CS, 640i GT, 7’s and even some 5e’s have gotten them.

I sure wish they’d drop one on the 4 convertibles beyond the strong public incentives: A hot deal on one would remove the idea of a M340i totally out of my head (Okay, maybe not but I have space for three cars!!)


Does anyone have further information on trunk/flagship money on the 530e? I don’t recall seeing that referenced on LH over the last 3-4 months. Thanks!


I like the tailights better on the 2020.

second that - any dealers have it?

Is there a way to find out which car has how much flagship cash? I was interested in the M4CS and 640i GT

$10,000 on GT. Just got one myself but…some dealers were very annoyed when I mentioned it.

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See, I don’t get it. Why were they annoyed? Isn’t this a consumer incentive? Doesn’t that mean they don’t lose anything from their end? Perhaps I’m misunderstanding how this works.

They’re annoyed that you have ‘insider’ information and they can’t profit big time from you :wink:


So, if we don’t mention it does bmw still give it to them? Meaning they get an extra $12k? If that’s not the case, then it shouldn’t matter if we ask for it or not.

No need to mention anything.
What are you trying to get?

Why do you need to mention it? Just say you want to be at x% off / at $xxx/mo / whatever your goal is. It shouldn’t matter to you how they’re getting there. You know this information so you can use it to calculate a deal yourself and set expectations.


Where are you? If Socal, I can refer you to my dealer. They do out of state too. Send PM if interested.

They are a bit disorganized though…
Wrong temp plates, missing floor mats, battery was dying (needed replacement), etc. i had most of these issues fixed BUT I had to keep calling them.

That sounds like a not great dealer…

Pretty certain they hope you have no idea about the cash, which I’m guessing is the case most of the time. I wouldn’t have without this site. When I told my Inlaws, as soon as they mentioned flagship cash to the selling dealer they completely stopped communicating with them.

Of course they did they were looking for suckers they mentioned the cash dealer got ghost.

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