🚘 FL Sep'19 Toyota Lease Programs

I am the General Sales Manager at Stadium Toyota in Tampa, FL and I would like to share some of our strongest lease programs with the leasehackr community. If you are considering a new Toyota Lease please reach out. WE ARE NOT A BROKER, all vehicles can be picked up at the dealership or we offer complimentary delivery within 150 miles. We also ship anywhere in the lower 48 states :earth_americas: :truck:

Send Me a PM Or Call/Text/Email me for a Private link (New Link Monthly)

Do Not Contact Dealership Direct as you will not get the link or the special pricing.
Pricing on the list is ROCK BOTTOM
All payments include document fees
All pricing in link is PLUS tax and tag

Here is my info:
Rocky Santa Cruz
813.748.3631 cell or text ok.

Mileage options available 12K,15K,18K, 20K

Pricing based on 720+ (Tier1+) credit scores
12K/yr is the minimum miles
SETF Allows up to 10 MSD .00005 Reduction PER MSD (No you can’t use on .00001)
College Grad $500 available
Active Military $500 available
No Conquest Rebates with Toyota


Is there an attachment with deals?

Need to message him for access. Toyota doesn’t allow deals to be posted public

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I reached out to see. I noticed when I go to dealers they are very sketchy to provide the car’s selling price, MF, residual. They act like it’s top secret stuff. What is the best way to get that info?

They are top secret :stuck_out_tongue:
Edmunds.com is normally the best resource for this

Awesome thank you

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Sent you pm finally one florida toyota connect!!


Welcome ,I got a car for friend from your dealer in past , best Deal I found for him . Glad to see you here.

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Send him a PM. He’s a new user and it won’t allow him to send you a msg first.


Rocky is very responsive. Just got my figures for a RAV4.


Are MSD’s allowed by SETF, the dealer in Orlando says no for some reason

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MSD’s are allowed by SETF even on subvented leases. I am happy to run any figures for you.

My apologies to all that have been waiting for the link and replies. I was not aware of the limitations for new users. Also I did not anticipate the amount of replies that I received. I promise to get back to each and everyone of you.

My assistant Chris will also be involved sending figures and assisting with communication. I absolutely love this community and look forward to helping everyone get a great and hack’d deal.


Link has been updated with max MSD Option

Thanks Cody! I am out of newbie status and ready to help and assist :slight_smile:

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I emailed you.

Cool! I came in about 2 months ago but Sun gave me the best deal. Ill work with you guys in the future if we can agree on numbers.

Thanks for the email.

Sent this morning.

Awesome! LMK how I can help.