FL- Nov'19 -Honda Deals 2019 Civic LX $199+ t, Accord LX $240+ t, CRV LX $254+t CRV LOYALTY AND CONQUEST ! with 1st DAS

Please read the post in its entirety, specially the last paragraph
Floridians !!!

November is official Civic blowout deals ! Lowest prices of the year for the remaining 2019 inventory ! 2019 CIVIC LX is $199+tax monthly.
College Grads Special $185+tax !!!

For the 2019 CRV, CONQUEST* has been added for the same amount ($500) as LOYALTY
2019 CRV LX is $254+tax month.


  • Current owners of any 2009 or newer Toyota, Nissan, Hyundai, Kia, Subaru, Ford, Chevrolet, GMC, Jeep, Mazda, and Volkswagen.
  • Customer must provide one of the following, that shows address, as proof of ownership of qualifying vehicle:
    • Current vehicle registration
    • Current vehicle proof of valid auto insurance.
  • Members of the same household are eligible - the proof of ownership document must match the address of the purchaser as shown in the retail delivery registration.

2019 ACCORD Loyalty is still available. Which means for those of you with a 2009 or newer HONDA vehicle in the household, there is an extra $750 loyalty available for the Accords !

To clarify, household means the same address where the new vehicle will be registered at. Also, Vehicle really means a VEHICLE ! . No it can not, be your Jet-ski, your generator that you just purchased for a markup during Hurricane Dorian and certainly not your Honda Lawn mower :slight_smile:

2020 Honda Civic SI Sedan 36/10K
$299+tax with 1st DAS

Brokerage Fees Applies

For those of you interested in one of my deals, please send me a pm with the following information and I will reach out to you in a timely manner.

Phone number:
Email address:
Month you need to sign a deal:
Existing Lease Brand and Maturity Date:

Thank you !


any 12k per/yr options?

Yes approximately 10 to 12 bucks more on monthly

Just a quick shout to @mani_is_kool. Thank you a ton for helping me get my Accord. For those of you in Florida looking for an excellent broker @mani_is_kool is certainly the guy to go to if you want excellent service. From beginning to end he kept it simple and straightforward. He had everything worked out so well that I was only at the dealer for 30 mins. It literally couldn’t be easier. Will definitely recommend all my friends and family to go to you Mani! Thank you again for your dedication and commitment to helping me get the vehicle I needed at a great rate.


Thanks for the kind words. Im glad, I could help you. Enjoy your new car !

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Can you break these deals down more and put them in the calculator? I’m seeing most of them at 11% off (pre tax) with no incentives? Anyway, the monthly payments looks really high for such a low MSRP car. Really high imo.

11% off + no incentives + higher MF means the payments make sense. Mani is the real deal


The incentive is only $300 lease cash on the accords. Only on the civic LX its 1200 and the pilots its been $1600 for a few months now.
Honda tends to focus more on selling there cars out, rather than leasing. Remember the same accord’s this time last year were about 50 to 80 bucks more.

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Updated for JUNE !
Lowest prices on Civics!
Added the Accord Sport 2.0T!
Also added are different CRV models !


Smoking hot deal on the Civic, well done sir!

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Thank you.

1 more week of the under $200 civic lease for graduates !

Kudos to Mani! Helped me renew my Accord lease without a hitch. Definitely going to use his service going forward and also recommend him to everyone I know.

Originally thought I was going to have an issue finding a pretty straightforward lease broker again after moving down from NY to FL but Mani is the right person to make deals happen quickly and correctly!

Thanks again and we’ll in touch for my Nissan lease renewal at the top of next year 2020!


@mani_is_kool is awesome! Helped me through my first lease! Was only at the dealer for about 45 minutes because Mani already set everything up. He was very professional and always available if I had any questions. Highly recommend!

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Is this only for Florida or do you provide services to other states?

Only for FL. If you are out of state, most likely have to fly in to sign n take delivery

Thank you for the kind words Sir ! And yes ready for 2020 !

Thanks for the kind words! Always a great feeling to help them get their first car and that too a lease !!! Congrats and enjoy !

I’d be interested to fly in if I can pick it up there. Do you have a phone I can reach you through? Thanks for your help!

4 more days left !!