Fix It Ticket in CA

Just curious if anyone had a fix-it ticket in CA recently for either front window tint, no front license plate, modified exhaust, etc. Back in the days, I remember you can just get a peace officer to sign your ticket (even if it’s not fixed) and pay the fine. Is it still the same or is it more restrictive now?

In 2015, I had to take a DMV appointment and have them inspect it

had tint tickets twice and no front plate.
the plate had to be put on and inspected at DMV.
the tint had to be removed, signed by peace officer, AND pay a fee both times.

or know a guy :smirk::laughing:


yet you can drive around for 6 months without a license plate lol. (yes, I know the loophole was closed).

CA laws are craaaaaazy.

Back in the days, I think you can just pay the fine which was like 2x or 3x as much if you don’t fix it.

Does that option still apply currently or you have to fix it no matter what?