Fisker orders, delivery etc

Such a shame.

Another sighting in the wild… isn’t look bad really… what a pity.

I notice on Fiskers, much like 3/Y, easy to curb rash on the wheels.

One day left and it’s still below your $7k target… even if it fails to hit reserve, you’ll still get to boast on LH about it.

If only this was in a year- I’ve got 2 leases already maturing in 25/26.

That is honestly a deal though. If it runs for a year, that’s an effective $450/month. $5k cash does not buy you much car these days, I would much rather take the risk on a ‘23 model on modern tech.

I like both of our cars but if I could get out of the leases, I’d absolutely buy for $5-6k cash!

Yeah the main issue with these Copart and other auction mingers is they’ve probably been parked around for a while and will be DOA if you ever had a bid accepted.

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The first link failed to hit reserve and they relisted with a reserve.

The second failed to hit reserve, and they relisted with no reserve this time.

This one is a salvage title. The MMR is only around $12K in CR 1.0.

You can pick one up, with a clean title and low miles on Manheim for $20K. Low sale point is $17.5K (11k miles). In a few months this will qualify for the used EV discount.

$14,000/piece. Ouch.

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If I’m not mistaken, the transaction should qualify each vehicle for $7,500 in Federal government rebates, so they’re effectively paying about $6,500 per car.

Not bad.

Does that apply to corporate/fleet sales or just to individual consumers? I’m not sure how that works in that kind of situation.

I thought the leasing loophole existed precisely because the $7500 applies to fleet sales of any EV regardless of origin.

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You might very well be right about that, it makes sense when you think of it that way. That’s some scam that taxi leasing company is running if that’s the case, at least until these start to need service and repairs.

That’s my understanding as well.

I get why it works for them. I don’t think it’s scammy; they’re in a unique position to actually reduce emissions by putting these things to use. Scrapping all these brand new cars would be a shame.

The credit doesn’t apply to the previously titled ones or, probably, to the damaged inventory.