Fisker orders, delivery etc

Henrik Fisker will be fine… he’ll start another EV company in a few years. Probably making EV submarines that you can go on a tour to see the Titanic wreckage.


Who would underwrite a lease? First off, the money factor will be higher to figure in the risk (kind of like a hard money loan). And second, the residual will be, as someone noted already, whatever the car is worth as parts.

I don’t know…all of the EVs on leasehackr with 30-40% market residuals seem to be having no problem getting their leases underwritten haha…with inflated residuals at that!

I’ll take a delivery on my order of an Extreme for $7.5k.

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At least people wouldn’t complain they are underwater.


Fixed it for you lol


I mean I’m impressed they’d even pay that

There’s so much software in these they’re worthless without someone to support the software. $37k may be cheap for an EV but it’s expensive for a brick. The bankruptcy court should force them to open source their software. That would be interesting.


I wonder who will be responsible for taking on the warranty liabilities for the few Fisker’s sold so far. That entity will likely decide if it’s best to open up the software so they can just try to wipe their hands of helping service vehicles sold before the BK.

If Fisker simply re-organizes and sheds debt, I guess they could still keep servicing the vehicles. But if you follow the Fisker 1.0 “screw customers” playbook, they’ll turf the warranty liability to the new buyer (like Wanxiang), and that company will want as little responsibility as possible to take care of the old customers.

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And meanwhile back on Wall Street Fisker has become a delisted penny stock…

This is the second time Henrik Fisker has left his customers standing at the altar…. Sadly he’s certainly no Elon Musk…


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And then there is this (I know the website isn’t a reliable source of information, but it’s still pretty funny)


I don’t mean to brag but I may or may not have a higher net worth than Henrik

May schedule AMA later


Apparently his net worth is not enough to buy one of his company’s cars…

How many shares of VinFast do you own?

This morning, Fisker officially said that they have no idea about anything anymore. No one is coming to their rescue and they are out of options that don’t include liquidation. From the press release:

"As previously disclosed, the Company continues to evaluate strategic alternatives.Such alternatives may include in or out of court restructurings, capital markets transactions (subject to market conditions), repurchases, redemptions, exchanges or other refinancings of the Company’s existing debt, the potential issuance of equity securities, the potential sale of assets and businesses and/or other strategic transactions and/or other measures. These alternatives involve significant uncertainties, potential significant delays, costs and other risks, and there can be no assurance that any of these alternatives will be available on acceptable terms, or at all, in the current market environment or in the foreseeable future.
The Company has determined to withdraw all financial and operational guidance for the year 2024 that was previously disclosed by the Company on February 29, 2024, and will forego providing any updated guidance while it continues to evaluate strategic alternatives."

Disappointed that there is nothing in the press release about “$99/mo lease blowouts”


Cars and Bids has a 2023 Ocean Extreme with about 700 miles for sale. Current bid is at $5100.


Tragic 1010

It’ll probably land around $30k.

Ultimately it’s a car with a lot of luxury features, someone with technical skills and a lot of patience will be willing to take on that risk.

it’s 28k now with 6 days to go. It better come with its own mechanic to service that LOL.

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